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“Kathryn has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past 3 months of our Private coaching. She has provided me with life-changing skills that I never knew I would be able to implement. Everything Kathryn has said to me has stuck with me and I believe it always will. I have learned to be a stronger person, just by talking with her, she has helped me to manage the tough times and it has made me feel empowered. I would encourage ANYONE to do life coaching with Kathryn because you will come out a better person.”

Louise Westrupp

“I came across Kathryn by chance on Facebook. She was doing a Chakra course and I went along. From there I went on and I did some Rieke with Kathryn and I also did a ‘Use Your Intuition’ workshop which was amazing. Kathryn is very knowledgeable and she is so helpful. I’ve come such a long way with my anxiety and my overthinking. She’s given me ways to learn to calm my mind, taught me meditation, ways that I can look after myself and put myself first for a change. It was awesome being with a group of like-minded women who were all very knowledgeable and we all got along so well. I know Kathryn is always there if I ever need any support and I so look forward to doing some more courses with Kathryn in the future.”
Julie Lasbury
“For the last 8 years, I have been struggling with anxiety issues that came from low self-esteem, doubting myself and being an over-thinker. Kathryn gave me tools to guide me to love myself. To be who I really am and to stop and listen. In just 3 months, my anxiety attacks went from happening multiple times a day to hardly any at all! Kathryn coached me to follow my intuition and be a stronger person. To be confident and really feel present. The last 4 months I have ventured into something completely different to what I expected, opening me up to my spirituality and realizing a whole new side of life. I feel like I’m shining brighter every day.”
Teegan Aldenhoven

“I was in a relationship with a narcissist for 3 years. I left him after we were married for 9 months in January this year. You were right when you said how much impact and how destroying it can be for someone being with a narcissist. I was completely broken. I have spent the last 8 months on a real self-discovery and I am really loving and embracing it. Everything that you said and the tools you mentioned I have been using but I could never put words to how I was going about it. So thank you for helping me to make sense of it all. I really, really appreciated it. xxxx.”
“Thank you so much. I have just realised how much my ego rules me!! Now I know what I should be listening to and trusting THANKYOU.”

“I’m a firm believer in the universe providing what or who you need, when you need them, even if you don’t know it at the time. That’s how I met Kathryn, the Universe brought her in to my life during her amazing Bali Retreat in June 2018 and I knew from the first day, not only did I want to go to the next retreat, but that I wanted to work with this amazing woman, her humanity, warmth and compassion just radiated from her. We officially started working together a month later in July when I signed up for her amazing Self Love Challenge. What a transformation that 5 day challenge has kicked off in me. Kathryn has helped me achieve things that were only a dream 12 months ago. There have been tears, there has been a huge amount of laughter but through it all, she has been there so support me, challenge me, call me on my bullshit and most of all has given me the tools to become the person I always wanted to be. She has helped me to release sub conscious blocks, has helped me to believe in myself again and most of all she has helped me find my passion. Why would I recommend working with Kathryn? Simply, because she can help you change your life.”
Sue Norrish
“Kathryn’s 5 days of self-love challenge popped up on my Facebook feed in August 2018, perfect timing as I was ready to do something different to make real change in my life but really needed someone to hold my hand and inspire me to smash through triggers. Since then I’ve completed a 6-week Alignment course and am half through a Breakthrough program with Kathryn, and even more exciting have the 28 days of soul and BALI RETREAT booked for next year!!! After 3 months I’m waking up earlier and happier, ready to take on a new day instead of avoiding getting out of bed until the last minute and then feeling rushed and underprepared for the whole day. Today I choose how I feel. After working with Kathryn for just a short time I am feeling lighter, energized and more grounded. Today I love who I am and am letting go of all those heavy negative emotions that dominated my life making me feel powerless and alone.
If you want a coach who will give you her 110%, someone who is real and honest about her story, someone who loves and supports you to be bigger and brighter and someone who lovingly calls out your BS so that you step out of your fear then Kathryn is the goddess for you”

Anne Louise
“I have just completed Kathryn’s 8-week Soul Bootcamp program. I met Kathryn through Facebook by completing her 5 day Self Love Challenge, and it was during that challenge that I realised that for the past two years I’ve been stuck in “survival mode” after the breakdown of my marriage. During this period I gained weight, disconnected from myself and closed myself off to anything that could potentially hurt me. I became stuck in a routine that had nothing to do with anything I’m passionate about and was all about going through the motions as a working single mother of two. Completing the Self Love Challenge allowed me to wake up to the fact I was simply existing, not truly living my best life and when the challenge was over I decided to put myself first for a change and dived straight into Soul Bootcamp. It was the best investment I could have made and it came at the perfect time in my life! I suddenly found myself part of this small community of like minded ladies who were all going through something that they wanted to change in their lives. We came together from different places around the world and within just a few days we were invested in each other as much as ourselves. We became each other’s cheer squad and I loved the fact that we were all there to celebrate each other’s wins and give each other a boost if and when we needed it. Having an accountability buddy was great as I got to know a truly inspiring individual who helped to push me through a few awkward days and it was wonderful to meet her in person at the end of the program. Kathryn set up weekly phone meetings as well so we could all check in with each other regularly and begin the following weeks topic. Each week was intensive and Kathryn and Stacy provided us all with a beautiful, safe space to share our stories and have our breakdowns and breakthroughs. Without a doubt I would recommend anyone going through a period of change in their lives to get in touch with Kathryn! She has developed a perfect balance between compassion and straight talking. She listens and HEARS you and can also kick some ass if she needs to to get you to see results! She isn’t afraid to trigger people and is very good at allowing her clients to find answers to their own questions rather than simply giving her opinion which is what makes her a fantastic coach. Having gone through the Soul Bootcamp program I am now able to see a path towards a better life for myself. This change in me is ongoing and I’m not going to stop learning and growing from this point. I can feel the difference in myself and life will continue to improve moving forward! Thank you Kathryn for being an amazing coach for helping to bring me back to life! Xxx”
“With much gratitude and love I write this testimonial for Kathryn about her signature Soul Sistas Bootcamp program. I participated in Kathryn’s 12 week program from March to June 2018. This program is AMAZING!!! Kathryn holds an intimate space for a small group of like minded ladies to share and learn and grow over an epic journey together throughout the 12 week program. The program is designed with so much love, thoughtfulness and wisdom and Kathryn goes over and above to be there for everyone, all the time, through the online private Facebook group, through weekly group zoom calls, via private message and with one on one coaching calls and personal check ins whenever you need. Along with practical tools, techniques and worksheets this program is designed to really allow us to dig really deep and break down our personal barriers and harness our inner wisdom, strength and self worth. Throughout the program we created new goals, visions, daily rituals, supportive home and work practices and self-care practices to really step into our true happiness and power and harness our self-worth with inspired action. Kathryn guided us to get serious and get focused about our life and really clear out the clutter and noise and our past stories that are holding us back from our true potential. Kathryn encouraged us to feel into what resonates and what feels in and out of alignment and this helped us to set healthy boundaries and aligned vision to make great lasting changes! Through Kathryn’s mentorship and guidance, and if you show up and put in the hard work, the results will change so much in your life. One of the extra added bonuses of the program is the amazing guest speakers and tribe of connected individuals all over the world Kathryn introduced us to. This program is jam-packed full of goodness and is a must do investment for your personal growth. In addition, you connect with an amazing tribe of ladies along the 12 week journey that are such a beautiful support network throughout the program and beyond. I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with Kathryn and our Soul Bootcamp group this year and absolutely recommend it!”
Shay Whitney
“Going into the program I was just stuck in a rut. I was coming out of a bad relationship and it was just it really defined me I let everything that person said get inside my head and just constantly had bad days. There was no good days it was just bad and just after even 1 session with Kathryn and the ladies I felt that little bit lighter, that little bit more in control of my life recognising that only I have power in my life. I’m a mum and I just I wasn’t showing up for my daughter, I wasn’t showing up for myself. I wasn’t showing up for anything or anything I was running on empty all the time. And now that the program is over I feel much lighter I feel much more in control of my life. I know where I want to head and I know what I want. It’s made me excited for life again. So, if you’re stuck in a rut in a similar situation to mine, Soul Bootcamp will be absolutely perfect for you. You’ll meet wonderful women that will support you through it and Kathryn is always available you know just for that little but of extra support if you need it. So I highly, highly recommend it.”
Stacey Lee
“Thanks to Kathryn’s Soul Bootcamp I now have more tools that I can use on my day to day life as before I started I was feeling a little bit stuck and in a little bit of a rut. I’ve managed to pull myself out with her guidance along with other advice from the lovely girls that were also in the group. The Soul Bootcamp is great because you are accountable for your actions and you are pushed to better yourself rather than just listening to weekly phone calls which are also great. They’re done by Kathryn. You’re encouraged to do a gratitude entry within the Facebook page daily which is also great because it gets your positiveness going for the day. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about joining the Soul Bootcamp to just do it and I guess invest in yourself.”
Tiffany McCann
“I couldn’t recommend this program more highly it has helped me a lot. I was struggling after a breakup and not really sure where my life was headed. Felt a bit lost and just needed a bit more direction in my life so I thought why not give it a go and see what I can get out of it. The program itself is amazing there are topics in it I think everyone can relate to. The support that you will receive from Kathryn is amazing. And the women that were in my group were so supportive and it’s so nice to know that other women are going through similar problems or issues that you can really relate to, so it really makes you dig deep into what you want out of your life. It makes you accountable for things you want to change. You really are focusing on trying to get the best version of yourself out and life a happy life. So thanks Kathryn I can’t thank you enough for all the skills and the tools that I learnt over that period of time that I will now take away and be able to use for the rest of my life.”
Aleisha Argent
“Thanks so much for running the Soul Bootcamp. It was an awesome month and just amazing to get together with other same likeminded women who want to change their lives and are committed to changing their lives. The clarity and all the tools and stuff that I’ve taken away from it are amazing and the confidence to look inside myself and get the answers from myself and trust that they are what I need has really changed everything so just connecting with everyone and being accountable for everything and making yourself look inside is just huge. I’m really really grateful that I stumbled across your ad and joined this group of amazing women and I hope that we all keep on our journeys and just thank you to you cos you’re just an amazing inspiring lady who runs this for us so thank you so much and I am forever grateful.”
Kasey Browning


“Kathryn’s workshop reminded me that I’m not alone. The self-doubt and self blame creeps in and the workshop proved to me that I’m human. It’s ok. I’m not alone. I learnt acceptance and tools for letting go. The meditation grounded me and I left feeling grateful for the powerful messages from Kathryn, other women and walked away lighter and accepting of myself. It gave me hope. I highly recommend this workshop – the connectedness itself was powerful.”
Danielle Roberts
“Kathryn’s ‘the art of letting go’ workshop was just what I needed, it was Devine timing as there’s been lots to let go of lately. She taught us some fantastic rituals and techniques to put into practice daily, focusing on the four pillars of acceptance, self-love, peace (within) and vulnerability. It’s been a great reminder to put myself first and to show up authentically as my vulnerable self. Kathryn held a great safe space which allowed us to share openly. I will certainly be attending more of her workshops in the future!”
Claire Bednall

“I have been to three of your workshops and I am grateful for the tools I have learnt at each of those. I am grateful that somehow many months ago you popped up on my FB newsfeed and a soul-changing journey commenced for me. I know it was perfect timing for me and I am thankful for that. I look forward to continuing my Reiki sessions and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any future workshops.”
Tiffany McCann
“I really enjoyed your workshop, thank you so much – great reminders for me and l have been reflecting a lot on how l can move forward underpinned by self-love and gratitude. It was so affirming to know l wasn’t alone in that room of beautiful people on Sunday afternoon.”
Linda Mink  

“Thanks Kathryn for your beautiful reiki and sound healing session on Monday. I felt very comfortable in your warm hands, I left feeling so calm and at peace and I was able to relax in the gorgeous ambiance of the room we were in. It was just what I needed to start my week off well!”
Helen Bolger-Harris
“Yesterday I had a gifted one hour reiki session with Kathryn Ottobrino. I had never had one before so this was a new experience. She was professional, gentle and nurturing and her intuitive ability sensed 2 areas that need attention. Highly recommend Kathryn for a different aspect in working with yourself care. Thank you.”
Simone Reitberger
“Kathryn’s approach in her sessions is very intuitive and warming. I could feel that I was just a little “out of balance”. This session has aligned me in my physical, mental and emotional being. Looking forward to my block of 3 Reiki sessions over the next few weeks Kathryn!”
Sarah Floate