Living with a lack of self-confidence is something that many amazing women struggle with each and every day. As most of us will have experienced for ourselves at one point or another, feelings of self-doubt can really stand in the way of us living our truths.

While it’s easy to put a lack of self-confidence down to our nature and accept it as simply a part of who we are, there’s one little secret about self-confidence that could completely change your understanding of what it is to be a confident person.

Self-confidence is not something we are innately born with… Or without!

Confidence comes from the thoughts we think and the actions we take. To put it simply, it’s about our beliefs. The things we believe about ourselves play an enormous part in shaping our lives, regardless of whether or not they’re actually true! As Henry Ford famously said:

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.’

Picture something in the past that has made you feel insecure or filled you with self-doubt. It might have been something like making a speech, resolving a situation of conflict, or attempting to learn a new skill.

The reason you experience feelings of self-doubt isn’t about these actions themselves. It’s because somewhere deep down, you don’t believe you can do them successfully.

Beliefs like this can shatter our confidence. Then, if we perceive ourselves to have been unsuccessful, it can feel as though our initial belief has been confirmed. It’s a truly awful cycle…

But here’s the thing. Once you begin to believe in yourself, you’ll be amazed to discover how natural it feels to act confidently, and how quickly things begin to change for you.

We all know someone who seems to have all the luck, and who all of the good things seem to happen to. Well, most likely, that person goes after those things – because she has the confidence to do so!

And do you know what? That person could be you. There are simple, effective steps that anyone can take towards growing and expanding their confidence. All it takes is some hard work and commitment.

Self-confidence is something that we must consistently work at building through self-belief, self-appreciation and above all, self-love.

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