Over numerous years, I have undertaken many qualifications in Soul Coaching, NLP Programing, EFT techniques, Reiki I and II, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing. I obtained a Holistic Counselling and Coaching Diploma in 2009, including artistic communication, lifespan development psychology and counselling dynamics and psychology. In addition, I undertook learnings in art and clay therapy in this dynamic and intensive Diploma.

I’ve also participated and invested in many personal self-development courses in both Australia and overseas over the last 20 years. Having personally called upon healers and coaches as my support system for more than 10 years, I know and understand the benefits, inspiring me to grow my own knowledge. I would now like to pass on my extensive knowledge and passion to help others. My experiences have culminated into my offerings of life coaching, empowerment and healing to educate, empower and heal women to find inner peace.