Soul Freedom Biz Academy

Soul Freedom Biz Academy is an immersive 6-month soul mastermind specifically tailored to take spiritual leaders and entrepreneurial lightworkers just like you to the next level of your journey. 
Covering the fundamental elements of running a successful soul-based business, Soul Freedom Academy will elevate your startup or side hustle and help you achieve consistent 4 – 5 figure months, simply by sharing your gift with the world!
Next Round Starts: May 2020

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Soul Coaching Program

The program has been created for all of us looking to find our purpose and introduce positive change in any all areas of our life, from relationships to health to career and much much more.

Your 28 Day Soul Coaching Online Program is dedicated to the clearing and cleansing of all aspects of you and your life, so you are free to uncover your authentic self, and live your life filled with joy and freedom without even having to leave your house.

Each journey is unique and will take you exactly where you need to go to enable the most positive transformation for you and your intention for change. As you learn to accept every part of who you are, you will open your life to the joy and wonder of your heart and soul … and miracles really will occur.

Next Round Starts: Date TBC

Self-love Challenge

The Five Day Challenge on Self-Love is a movement dedicated to empowering you to do something kind, loving or appreciative for yourself every day. You’ll be given a fun, new task to complete each day of the course,
delivered to you through videos. 

Tasks like these are important – because when you start to commit to these simple,
daily practices, you begin to form habits.  And with self love habits like these, you have the power to transform your entire world! 

Now is the time make a change and start giving yourself the gift of kindness that you truly deserve. Raise your awareness on how you treat and talk to yourself. Learn how to give yourself the same respect and compassion you would give to others, and conquer your internal critic.

Next Round Starts: Date TBC