About Me

Hi, I’m Kathryn Ottobrino

Hi I am Kathryn Ottobrino, Transformational Life & Spiritual Business Coach, Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach, Speaker, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Retreat Facilitator, on a personal and professional journey to help you live your life with flow, ease and synchronicity.

I specialise in helping to mentor, coach, heal and empower people to find inner peace after overcoming all sorts of personal challenges, guiding you through your own personal journey and teaching you how to use your intuition and inner guidance from the soul to move forward and create a life &/or business you love.

What I Do

Offering 1:1 Private Life & Business Coaching, Online Group Programs, Retreats & Workshops, my mission is to heal and empower people to make the often difficult transition to self-love and back home to their soul using my intuitive practices, practical spiritual and mindset tools and my own personal life experience.

Have you lost yourself and need to find who you really are again? Have you been looking for external validation and you are still not feeling happy and at peace? I understand what it feels like to lack confidence in myself and inner peace as a result. This was partly my instigator for undertaking significant learning and development in this area. Using this learning and my substantial experience, I aim to help people like you to overcome these same challenges. You deserve to be happy and healthy and have it all, create a life by design and choose extraordinary.

Imagine how much better you will feel once you have discovered the path to inner peace and healing through one of my personal and supportive options. Discover how to re-engage with loving yourself, you have all the answers within.

I am passionate about bringing my knowledge, expertise, and skills to your journey .

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“All limitations are self-imposed.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes
My Journey

In my own life, I have worked hard to overcome both anxiety and depression and constant negative thinking which was limiting my ability to be happy and blocking the flow in my life. Now that I am living my life to its full extent, implementing things that I have either studied or experienced on a personal level I am in a position to help and mentor to other people who want to tap into their own personal power by using their intuition and to manifest their dream life. I know what works and I can help you implement it within your daily life.

Over numerous years, I have undertaken many qualifications in Soul Coaching, NLP Programing, EFT techniques, Reiki I and II, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and I also studied a Diploma of Holistic Counselling in 2009, including artistic communication, lifespan development psychology and counselling dynamics and psychology. In addition, I undertook learning around art and clay therapy in this dynamic and intensive. I’ve also participated and invested in many personal self-development courses in both Australia and overseas over the last 20 years.

Personally, I have lived my own life benefitting from Healers, Spiritual Advisors, Coaches and Mentors for many years and having people guide me to gain more clarity in my own direction of life.