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I have been a bit quiet lately and wanting to connect with you through my blog, however the inspiration hasn’t been flowing as freely as usual. I guess you could say I have had writers block.

Since I had my operation in February to have a tumor removed from my ovary (benign thank god) and I  was forced to take bed rest, I did what I always do, and got moving again fairly quickly. This is the opposite of what I should have done, which was to take life a bit slower and easier. I started working 3 jobs on top of building my  own business and brand. I outsourced as much help as possible and starting working round the clock to finance these changes so I could focus on my Self Love Goddess workshops. I was pushing and pushing and hard!

But like anything, we can only sustain the pressure we put on our bodies emotionally and physically before it catches up with you. My adrenal fatigue came back with a vengeance, and since having my operation as to be expected, I began to experience some crazy hormonal imbalances as my body was trying to re-adjust. I was well and truly on the way to complete burn out mode again.

So…. instead of getting to the point of complete burn out mode and everything falling apart again, I started listening to my body and tuning in.  I went inwards, the best place to find all the answers.


What do I need?

What changes do I need to make?

And these were the things that came to me.

To take a few months off from all the HUSTLE and PUSHING and just go back to basics with my business. I have started with a new business coach who just gets the way I work, and together we are making some small and subtle changes in the business, but ones I am super excited about..

I am working very closely with my Naturopath to work through my imbalances and rectify my adrenal fatigue finally. I am also having monthly Reiki/ Theta healing sessions with my amazing healer to work on any emotional blocks and moving forward to have that balance of yin and yang.  I am working so hard on simply just trusting the process of what is transforming in my life both personally and in my career.

And the icing on the cake is I am have booked to go to a Detox Retreat in Bali (Ubud) for 10 days to reset my entire system and focus purely on my health and getting clarity around my next steps. I cannot recommenced these programs enough and I do one every 2 years, they transform your life and kick start your entire digestive system. The emotional benefits are also beyond words and I will be taking you all on this journey with me. I cannot wait!!

I guess the message I am wanting  to get across here is listen to your body, tune in and  make the changes. Go inwards and look for the answers.

My business is based on self love and self care techniques and I cannot stress enough how vital this is for everyday life and also for your mental capacity. Do you want to live a average life? I know I sure DON’T and WON’T.

I hope you all take a few minutes to stop and think about how you are looking after yourself. Are you a busy mum running around after your kids? Are you a single driven independent woman who wants to take on the world?  Regardless of your situation we all need to listen to our bodies.

So beautiful souls until we meet next time please stop, go within to find the answers and act on what you need to be the best version of you.

Much love Kat