“Does Life always go to a Plan?”


I made a commitment to myself 12 weeks ago when I launched this business that I would write a blog every week or at the very worst every 2 weeks.

Unfortunately lately for a few different reasons I am not in my usual creative flow and  have had a slight writers block.  I have lost count the amount of times I have sat down to write my next blog, and just sat there and nothing,  yes very frustrating to say the least.

But I always trust that the right thing will come at the right time..

So it has led me to the topic of this blog “Does life go to a plan?”

Now for you control freaks this topic may freak you out.

In hindsight it’s actually very relevant to me right now and probably for most of you reading this,  did you ever get to certain age and think that you were not where you thought you would be at that age and that things didn’t go to plan? Ahhhh YES!

I woke up on my 37th birthday as few days ago and for a few hours I was a bit blue and I did that thing that “society” makes us do,  question your life and where you think you should be.

So I pondered for a few hours that morning.

I should be married

I should have kids

I should not be single at my age

I should have my own house

I should have more money

I should have more clients

And then a old friend called to wish me a Happy Birthday and the phone didn’t stop all day with loved ones wishing me a great day, so I stopped myself in my tracks and made a decision right then and there to forget where I “SHOULD” be and simply just appreciate where I was and realize all these things didn’t’ matter.

So you may be asking, well what does matter?





Enjoying the simple things

Being present in the moment

Being kind and compassionate

As I am currently in the process of a 8 week weaning off my Anti-depressants process and undergoing some intensive health tests it brings me back to how important health is.

I have been talking a lot about this lately on my social media.

Is the STRESS, and the WORRY of where you think you should be at a certain age really worth it.  I can definitely answer that question from my heart with a big fat NO.

I can also very happily say as I get myself back to full optimum health and off my medication before Jan 2016 that I will be adding some more fun to my life, and simply just being grateful for where I am and how I got here. Sometimes we simply just forget to have fun and we get so caught up in  LIFE.

So I ask you , are you guilty of this?

Do you need to inject a bit more fun into your life?


KO is OK